ANSA-EAP Folio: Customized Learning Modules for Social Accountability and Good Governance


ANSA-EAP shares its learning and capacity building work through this FOLIO.

Here you will find eight learning modules where theory and experience meet. The FOLIO is divided into three parts:

The introduction illustrates the process of module development. It shows how each program is customized through the learning-in-action framework so that it directly addresses the needs of and becomes relevant to learners.

The second part presents the eight learning modules of ANSA-EAP. These include the context in which each was developed, the design, and insights and stories from the field. At the end of each module, the lesson plan is summarized. This part serves as a guide for groups that would like to customize their own module.

The third part of the FOLIO is a reflection on what has been done so far.

This FOLIO is intended to be a resource tool for social accountability practitioners and ANSA-EAP partners. May it find its meaning and purpose in the hands of those who desire good governance and active citizenship in their circles of influence.

The ANSA-EAP learning modules contained in this Folio are:

1) Social Accountability 101

A core program that facilitates understanding of the social accountability framework while building initial commitment for transforming personal and institutional values, fostering power relationships, and understanding political institutions towards promoting greater citizen participation in democratic governance processes and sustainability.

2) Constructive Engagement

A course aimed at teaching participants the value of social accountability and constructive engagement between government and citizen groups, and how these are linked to the initiatives of the organization.

3) Facilitator’s Pool Training

A training of trainers aimed at the establishment of a pool of Social Accountability learning facilitators and trainers who will help broaden the scope of ANSA-EAP’s learning agenda.

4) Training for Infomediaries

A workshop that aims to equip the infomediaries with knowledge of the a predetermined public sector and skills in engaging various public stakeholders.

5) Strategic Planning for Social Accountability

A planning session targeted towards ANSA-EAP networks. It involves discussions on local governance and social accountability context, and on the possible directions and focus areas for promoting social accountability approaches of an area.

6) Mentoring and Coaching for Social Accountability

A module that links expert-practitioners with learners in what ANSA-EAP calls a “hand-holding” relationship, wherein the former guide the latter’s practice and facilitate drawing of insights from such practice.

7) Social Accountability Tools: Community Scorecard and Citizen Report Card

A module designed to enhance capacities of ANSA-EAP network partners who are active in the areas of procurement education, peace and development, and extractive industries (EI) in implementing citizen report card (CRC) and community scorecards (CSC) towards monitoring government performance and strengthening good governance within their respective sectors.

8) Social Accountability Core Learning Program

This module features ANSA EAP’s key programmatic learning intervention for enhancing stakeholders’ capacities in conceptualizing, designing and carrying out Social Accountability initiatives.

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