ETI Videos

These are interviews of the organizers and participants of ANSA-EAP's ETI project in the provinces of Abra, Kalinga and Pangasinan. The interviews talk about the things they learned during the implementation of the project.

Youth takes on participatory governance

Seeing the potential of young people in Good Governance and Social Accountability initiatives, the Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Governance (CCAGG) worked on promoting Participatory Planning and Budgeting in the nine (9) barangays of Penarrubia, a fifth class municipality of Abra and home to the Tinguians-- an indigenous mountain tribe.

Through the Enhancing Transparency Impact (ETI) project of ANSA-EAP, the group jointly trained local public officials and community members on participatory governance approaches.

From Faith to Participatory Governance

As a faith-based organization and a firm proponent of participatory approaches towards strengthening local democracy and good governance in the province, the Kalinga Apayao Religious Sector Association (KARSA) worked on promoting adoption of participatory local governance approaches in five (5) barangays in Tabuk City, Kalinga

Through the Enhancing Transparency Impact (ETI) project of ANSA-EAP, KARSA conducted trainings on Participatory Planning and Budgeting, Social Accountability and Good Governance, and citizen monitoring approaches and tools with the barangay officials and residents. This, as an immediate result, formed their monitoring teams composed of volunteers from women, senior citizens, and youth sectors.

"Facilitators of Change" more than CCT beneficiaries

The Responsible Citizens, Empowered Communities in Solidarity for Social Change (RECITE, Inc.) continued their work in bringing out the parent-leaders in Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program beneficiaries. These parent-leaders were mobilized to monitor the delivery and quality of health services in the thirty (30) barangays of Mangaldan using Social Accountability and Good Governance approaches.

The Enhancing Transparency Impact (ETI) project of ANSA-EAP introduced the Community Scorecard (CSC) approach to facilitate and further enhance engagement between stakeholders and local government partners.

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