Extractive Industry Case Studies

ANSA-EAP and Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) embarked on the project, Mainstreaming Social Accountability in Extractive Industry.  The project drew inspiration from initiatives where citizens and governments engage each other resulting in reforms in education, infrastructure monitoring, and other sectors. The potential for such social accountability tools to be useful in EI lent itself for experimenting and piloting, albeit in a sector that is particularly challenged with polarization in terms of its given or known impacts and the opposing views and responses of a wide range of stakeholders. 

Community Scorecards (CSC) were piloted as a tool for promoting social accountability (SAc) in the Extractive Industry (EI). In addition to gathering partners in a sit-down training sessions, they were accompanied and mentored through the process of applying CSC in their respective contexts and on the link in the value chain their respective organizations have significant presence.

These case studies in the 4 focus countries – Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Timor Leste reflects the preliminary gains in understanding, applying and promoting social accountability in areas of the EI value chain.

Cambodia Case Studies (by Cambodian Center for Independent Media)

CCIM, Improving Dialogue Affected by Mining
CCIM, Counting with more than numbers:  Ethnic Villagers in Mondulkiri Province Ready to Track Promises of Local Authorities

Indonesia Case Studies (by PATTIRO, Bojonegoro Institute and YPSHK)

PATTIRO and Bojonegoro Institute, The Voice From Ring One
YPSHK, PATTIRO, Scoring the HSE and CommDev Program of PT Antam

Philippine Case Studies (by Cordillera Volunteer Missioners and Marinduque Council for Environmental Concerns)

CVM, Journey to the Copper and Gold Dust Trails
Marinduque Council for Environmental Concerns, Whimpers and Melees of the  Bleeding Heart, Revisiting the Mining Moratorium Policy in Buenavista, Marinduque:  Assessing Policy Implementation Through the CSC

Timor Leste Case Studies (by Luta Hamutuk)

Luta Hamutuk, How Accountable, Transparent and Participatory Is the Implementation of Local Content in Timor Leste? : A Community Assessment
Luta Hamutuk, Tracking Local Content In Timor Leste


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