CPA Learning Guidebook


The CPA Learning Guidebook is primarily a reference material for learners and practitioners of CPA. It features a road map of the capacity building process and serves as a guide to course developers and writers in crafting modules, sessions, and learning activities.

The guidebook has a total of 10 sessions/topics covering four major modules—1) Setting the CPA context; 2) Performance Audit: An Overview; 3) Planning the Audit Project; and 4) Reflection/Assessment Sessions.

CPA is a joint initiative of the Philippines’ COA and ANSA-EAP to enhance citizen participation in the public audit process. It is supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Australian Embassy through its Public Financial Management Program (PFMP) implemented by Coffey International Pty. Ltd.

Download the CPA Learning Guidebook below.

Social Accountability as an approach to good governance
COA 101
CSO 101
Audit Planning
Audit Execution
Audit Reporting
Monitoring and Follow Up
Planning the Audit Project

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