Social Accountability Stocktaking Guide


ANSA-EAP's stocktaking framework uses four tools: scanning, scoping, mapping, and profiling. Each one, as it were, precedes and prepares the other like a funnel.

The templates serve as guides, hence the “areas of inquiry” and the descriptors” are suggestions to help steer the investigator in scrutinizing the wider arena of social accountability. The investigator may add details and revise the items according to the goals, objectives and specific outputs of the study.

The objectives of scanning are:

  1. Identify citizens and citizen groups that engage in governance work within a specified region, country or a sector
  2. Explore the governance locus where SAc work is being done: its social, political,economic, cultural, and historical context that have a bearing on SAc work
  3. Determine and describe SAc activities and innovations

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Updated 13 April 2012

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