The Social Accountability Learning in Action Cycle


This learning brief introduces the learning-in-action (LIA) approach, the process ANSA-EAP uses in teaching social accountability to citizen groups. It will explain how the learning-in-action cycle has been applied and what lessons were learned during the process.

In the learning-in-action approach, the learning process begins by exploring a person’s experiences. Where does he come from? What has he lived through? What does he already know about social accountability? From
there, ANSA-EAP introduces strategies that will allow him to learn more effective ways of applying social accountability tools, determine governance issues that can be addressed by social accountability mechanisms, and look for possible solutions. The learning process continues as he applies what he has learned to his community.

This, in a nutshell, is learning-in-action. It is ANSA-EAP’s belief that true learning can only happen if one can marry his past experiences to new lessons, then use that amalgamation in the application of new experiences.

Download the Learning in Action learning brief here

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