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This learning brief introduces ANSA-EAP's online learning program, one of the modalities being developed and used by ANSA EAP to build partner's capacities on social accountability. It will explain how the modality is put into practice, what programs have been realized and what lessons were taken from the process.

What is an online learning program? Simply put, it is a program or strategy that makes use of web-based learning approaches and other information  and  communication  technologies (ICTs) to teach social accountability (SAc).  This can include the use of something as simple as e-mail to the more complex discussion forums, video video conferencing, online chats, blogging and
the sharing of electronic files.  

ANSA-EAP  envisions  competent and empowered communities who are dedicated and passionate about promoting capable,  effective,  and accountable  governments through  social accountability.  But because development issues are so multi-faceted, there is a need to  bring together groups of people  from  different countries, countries, different educational backgrounds and different organizaƟ ons into one netw ork.  Online learning broadens the reach of capacity building for social accountability. Cyberspace allows for a world with no differences  and  no  boundaries, thus  allow ing  more  learners  per  organization, more organizations per region and infinitely more opportunities for learning.

Download Online Learning learning brief here

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