On-site Validation Session on CSO Mapping Findings

As part of ANSA-EAP’s effort to assess the actual presence, reach and capacities of CSOs and citizen groups to optimize and respond to the widening space for citizen participation in governance, the Philippine Desk of ANSA-EAP conducted synchronize validation session in three pilot regions, viz. Regions 5, 6 and 10. The activity was aimed at: (i) validating the findings of the research, (ii) generating insights and feedback, and (iii) deepening the information and stories of constructive engagement between CSOs and government.

The validation session involved local CSOs that participate in the different stages of government procurement process (e.g., bidding and contract implementation).

A total of 31 respondents from 30 local CSOs participated in the synchronized regional validation held in Naga (Region 5), Guimaras (Region 6) and Cagayan De Oro City (Region 10) from 24-25 May 2012. A public presentation of the mapping results was conducted on 15 June 2012.

Results of the validation can be downloaded here.

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