Indonesia Procurement Network

Indonesia Procurement Network

On 11-12 October 2010, seven civil society organizations and a government unit convened in Bogor to form the network of Indonesian procurement practitioners.

They were the Transparency International - Indonesia (TI-I), Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Bandung Trust (B-Trust), Indonesia Procurement Watch (IPW), Indonesian Budget Center (IBC), PATTIRO, Yascita, and the National Public Procurement Office (NPPO).

The group identified the formulation of an action plan and sharing of ideas and practices as the short-term goal.

Its long-term goal, on the other hand, includes the passage of a national procurement law, greater public awareness on the advocacy for procurement reforms, and a broader public involvement in monitoring government procurement.

For its initial work, the network's action plan focused on the simplification of the regulation, raising public awareness, and starting efforts to minimize political interference in procurement budget.

Selected as chair of the network is Mr. Heni Yulianto of TI-I, and as national coordinator, Fahmy Badoh of ICW. Mr. Djamaluddin Abubakar of the NPPO serves as adviser.

The network likewise targeted five regencies to pilot its initiatives, namely Garut, Aceh besar, Kendari, and Polewali Mandar.

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