PH Desk

The objective of the PH desk project is to strengthen the functional capacity of civil society in observing public procurement processes and conducting independent local monitoring activities of government programs and projects. Specific objectives are to (a) increase level of knowledge and awareness among civil society and government of CSOs and their current experience and capacity in carrying out monitoring and observer functions relating to national and local government programs; (b) further developing the capacity of CSOs and partner organizations including professional bodies involved in observing and assessing the conduct of public procurement processes; (c) supporting the institutionalization of various independent local monitoring approaches in the basic education sector; and (d) assessing different institutional options for providing funds to support the implementation and capacity development of CSOs interested in performing monitoring and observer functions.

The four components of the project are:

  1. Mapping and assessing the functional capacity of civil society organizations for local monitoring - An in-depth analysis will be conducted in 3 regions to document and assess the current level of engagement and experience to date of CSOs in observing the activities of Bids and Awards Committees for national government agencies at the local level and LGUs, and the involvement of CSOs in local independent monitoring activities relating to service delivery in national government agencies and LGUs.
  2. Citizen monitoring of public procurement processes - This component will support the strengthening of public procurement transparency and accountability at the national and local level by expanding the base of practitioners in procurement monitoring among CSOs and citizen groups in the country with a focus on the activities of DPWH and DepEd
  3. Independent local monitoring partnerships for basic education - This component aims to build the capacity of CSOs to undertake various local monitoring functions in partnership with DepEd
  4. Options for funding CSOs to monitor, observe and assess government programs - Options paper on funding CSOs for monitoring and observing government programs


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