EI Partners in East Asia and the Pacific


 Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency


 Mr. Chhay Sarath
 Executive Director

 Mr. Bunthoeurn Mak
 Communications Officer



 Ms. Maryati Abdullah
 Program Manager, EI

 Bojo Negoro Institute

 Mr. Joko Purwanto
 Executive Director


 Responsible Mining Initiative in Mongolia

 Ms. Baigal
 Executive Director


 Cordillera Volunteer Missioners (CVM)

 Mr. Andrew Weygan

 Mr. William Tocdor
 Mr. Hector Kawing

 Timor Leste

 Luta Hamutuk Institute

 Mr. Akara Mericio
 Executive Director

 Oil Transparency Unit:
 Mr.  Nelson Seixas Miranda
 Mr. Laurentino Alves
 Mr. Jonathan Galvez

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