Enhancing Transparency Impact

The Partnership for Transparency Fund received a grant from AusAID to implement a program that will help citizen groups pilot citizen monitoring of government programs at the local (provincial or municipal) level. Pangasinan, Abra, and Kalinga have been identified as pilot sites for the first year.

The overall outcome of the project is strengthened practitioners networks or community of practice among local citizen groups and public officials in at least two (2) regions in the Philippines.

This project is implemented by the ANSA-EAP Foundation, with Partnership for Transparency Fund and the Coalition Against Corruption. ANSA-EAP is the main partner for capacity building and knowledge-sharing.


Local monitoring projects in CARAGA, knowledge shared  - 2014-07
CSOs train on CSC  - 2013-08-08
Partners launch projects with stakeholders’ meeting  - 2013-04-19
Enhancing the Impact of Citizen - Led Transparency Initiatives for Good Governance Project- 2013-01-22

Practice briefs

Strengthening local participatory planning and budgeting: Revisiting focus and strategies of citizen groups

Learning briefs

Citizen Monitoring Through Community Scorecards
Learning for Local Participatory Planning and Budgeting
Capturing and Communicating Lessons from Social Accountability Initiatives


"ETI: Hangout Event 1 of 4: What is the state of social media --it's usefulness and relevance to socio-political affairs?
"ETI: Hangout Event 2 of 4: How potent are social media platforms? What are its demonstrated successes?
"ETI: Hangout Event 3 of 4: What governance ideals have been promoted, advocated or strengthened because of the experiences on social media platforms?
"ETI: Hangout Event 4 of 4: What are the limitations/weaknesses of social media that needs to be mitigated?
Youth takes on participatory governance
From Faith to Participatory Governance
"Facilitators of Change" more than CCT beneficiaries

Notes and Documentations

Midterm Report
Grantees Profile
CSC Workshop Activity Report (23-25.05.2013)
Activity Notes: Inception Meetings (02-03.2013)
Activity Notes: Strategic Planning (29-30.10.2012)
Concept Notes: Strategic Planning (29-30.10.2012)
Activity Notes: Baguio Meeting (12.10.2012)
Meeting with RECITE (17.09.2012)