Checkmyschool videos


As part of Mr. Dondon Parafina's presentation on checkmyschool to the world bank, ANSA-EAP produced a series of videos to illustrate the story of checkmyschool, its accomplishments and the lessons learned during its pilot implementation.

The first video gives an overview of the checkmyschool initiative.  What it is, how it was conceptualized and how it is implemented.

The second video discusses the partners and stakeholders of the checkmyschool project.

The third video discusses the process that the checkmyschool project goes about checking schools, publishing the data collected and lobbying the appropriate government agency to address specific problems encountered.

The fourth video tells the impact the checkmyschool initiative and its infomediaries achieved during its pilot run.

The fifth video tells the lessons learned by the checkmyschool secretariat and stakeholders during the pilot run of the project.


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