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What is Check My Barangay?

Check My Barangay is a participatory governance initiative of ANSA-EAP and Making All Voices Count focusing at the grassroots (barangay) level. It was conducted in one of the most populated and highest recipient of allotted internal revenue barangays in the Philippines.

As a follow-up to its predecessor, i-Budget.Mo, a participatory budgeting initiative, Check My Barangay seeks to sustain its efforts advancing citizens participation in all levels- from the planning and budgeting to the monitoring and auditing of all the projects and expenses involving the community fund.

It is highlighted by a citizen monitoring component allowing citizens to participate in the validation processes of implemented projects and programs in the community.

The main goal of the project is to facilitate the constructive engagement between the citizens and their barangay through capacity building activities, provision of useful data for projects and program development and advancement of available modes or platforms for participation and information dissemination for the community.

Check My barangay uses an online-offline approach for each of its tools in engaging the communities for participatory governance.

For More information please read:

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