Meet Apolitical, The "Social Network" For Civil Servants.


While most social networks are all about sharing cat videos and connecting with old school friends, a new peer-to-peer learning platform for government aims to bolster the critical skills for civil servants.

Apolitical strives to help "public servants find and share the latest and best ideas, approaches and skills they need in order to tackle the hardest challenges facing society," she says. "Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of government, to make government work well for citizens everywhere.

"Apolitical connects public servants and policymakers in different contexts to advance collaboration and idea sharing around some of the world’s most pressing issues, from the refugee crisis to climate change," it wrote. "The idea behind the platform is to help public servants break out of the silos that often keep them entrenched in policies that no longer work, and look instead to governments spearheading programs they’d like to emulate. If Hamburg, Germany, for instance, develops a successful community-based model for welcoming and housing refugees, couldn’t somewhere in Canada do the same?"

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