Call for Applications for Community Organizer

Community Organizer

Scope of Work

The Community Organizer (CO) shall be responsible for assisting community facilitators in the community organization and in the development of new chapters in target cities and municipalities. Under the guidance of the Project manager, s/he shall develop strategies, guide and provide direction and technical assistance to the CFs. Likewise, s/he will closely coordinate with the CFs under her/his jurisdiction.

Tasks and Functions

The Community Organizer shall:

  1. Assist the CFs to organize chapters in target cities and municipalities.
  2. Develop strategies, guide, provide technical assistance to community leaders in;
    1. Recruiting new members, as well as in the formation on barangay, district, and city groups.
    2. Developing and establishing community-based support programs (SPs).
    3. Developing and implementing campaigns to advance the community organization’s advocacy agenda.
    4. Establishing linkages and networks with potential partners and support groups.
  3. Monitor implementation of planned activities of the community organization’s chapters.  Identify, address, and manage risks.  Troubleshoot, address issues, concerns, gaps as these arise.
  4. Mentor community leaders in community organizing, organization building, advocacy, and networking. Guide community leaders in assessing and evaluating implementation of action plans, and facilitate conduct of reflection sessions to process experiences and generate learning.
  5. Assist in identifying and accessing programs and services of NGAs and private sector organizations.
  6. Assist in establishing linkages with potential partners, support groups, and networks, and in mobilizing support for the community organization’s activities and campaigns.

E-mail applications (COVER LETTER + CV/RÉSUMÉ) to:
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