Telling Stories of Change


Last July 7, 2016, Ms. Karol Ilagan of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), lead a workshop with ANSA-EAP staff on "Telling Stories of Change: Some Tips on Reporting and Writing".

ANSA-EAP's CheckMySchool project has recently started publicising and writing new stories on how the project has been able to help improve the quality of educational services in schools.  The stories showcase the "significant change that happened through community participation in school improvements".

Ms. Ilagan was initially asked by ANSA-EAP's Executive Director, Mr. Dondon Parafina, to help in editing the articles before rhye were published by CheckMySchool.  Ms. Ilagan genereously agreed and edited the first batch of change stories in CheckMySchool's website.

Drawing on her experience editing the first batch of stories, Ms. Ilagan guided the discussion on how to make the submitted stories complete and more interesting.  How to gather information, what information to gather and how to structure the story.

Hopefully, the next batch of stories will live up to the standards held up by Ms. Ilagan.