July 2016 Archives


Telling Stories of Change

Last July 7, 2016, Ms. Karol Ilagan of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) , lead a workshop with ANSA-EAP staff on "Telling Stories of Change: Some Tips on Reporting and Writing". ANSA-EAP's CheckMySchool project has recently started publicising and writing new stories on how the project has been able to help improve the quality of educational services in schools. ...

A Start-up of Social Accountability in Myanmar

Thiha Ko Ko Oxfam has been working to promote social accountability and good governance with local civil society organisations in Myanmar's Ayeyarwaddy region since 2012. What started off as a cautious approach to building the capacity of community based organisations, has expanded over the years to fill the growing political space and Oxfam has partnered with local organisations and local...