Are ‘small’ stories the key to making sense of big data?: How one community is using tech to document the real cost of corruption in Liberia

Blog | June 21, 2016 | Anastasia-Areti Gavrili

Last month, on the sidelines of the ICT4D conference in Nairobi, I met with Making All Voices Count partners and got to know more about their exciting projects in Africa and Asia.

Meeting with the team from This is My Backyard (TIMBY), I was enthralled by how they use technology to create powerful stories for development - they sparked my attention, taking me on an imaginary journey to the forests of Liberia, where their citizen monitors report on the mis-management of natural resources, and the real cost of corruption.

Most civic tech initiatives collect and visualise data for governments or other stakeholders to see, understand and use. But what’s the context around the points on a map or the numbers we see on an infographic poster? And most importantly what happens next? How do we see change through?

Is taking a step ‘backwards’, to the stories of individual people, the next step in tech for development?

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