Learning to Open Government: New Evidence to Inform OGP’s Efforts to Make Change Happen

Global Integrity is excited to present the results of "Learning to Open Government," a first of its kind examination of how the Open Government Partnership is playing out in practice in five countries: Albania, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Philippines, and Tanzania. We did not evaluate OGP, but our findings can help us, and pro-reform actors engaging with OGP, better understand whether and how OGP is contributing to country level reform. This project was undertaken with the support of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative.

Our findings are timely, coming as they do soon after Sanjay Pradhan, OGP’s new Chief Executive Officer, renewed OGP’s commitment to supporting purpose-driven collective action in the open government community. We’re hopeful that our work on these issues can inform OGP’s next phase, and support its  transformation from “a mechanism to a movement” that helps lead to to tangible improvements in governance, and ultimately, people’s lives.

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