ACU Chief Dares Critics to Beat Sons at Spycraft, Skydiving

by Khy Sovuthy | April 30, 2016

Faced with accusations of nepotism over the appointment of his two sons, Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) Chairman Om Yentieng on Friday challenged critics to face off with the pair in tests that would include liberating hostages, skydiving, and spying on terrorists.

Mr. Yenting’s sons, Yentieng Pu­thira and Yentieng Puthirith, were named as assistants to the ACU on Tuesday and given ranks equal to undersecretary and secretary of state, respectively—leading many to accuse the graft-fighting body of the very kind of practices it was designed to eradicate.

Speaking to reporters at the ACU’s Phnom Penh headquarters on Friday, Mr. Yentieng said the word “nepotism” did not accurately describe the appointment of his sons.

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