Officials Use Government Letterhead for Private Affairs

Ruling party lawmaker Chheang Vun on Wednesday denied any wrongdoing after using his government position to compel the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications to clear up dangling electrical wires in front of a restaurant he owns.

A December 17 letter from Mr. Vun to Posts and Telecommunications Minister Prak Sokhon, printed on official National Assembly letterhead, made the rounds on Facebook on Wednesday and was posted to the page of the Cambodian branch of the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability (ANSA), an advocacy group focusing on good governance.

“As I have informed Your Excellency Minister, my son and I opened a restaurant on a plot of land: Number 1; National Assembly Street; Tonle Bassac commune; Chamkar Mon district; Phnom Penh municipality,” Mr. Vun writes, referring to his restaurant “Midnight in Phnom Penh,” or MIP, which he owns with his son.

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