CheckMyBarangay pilots in two Caloocan villages

The Caloocan city government has committed to endorse and support the implementation of CheckMyBarangay (CMB), a project of ANSA-EAP that seeks to empower citizens by enabling their participation in public processes at the barangay level.

During a  partnership meeting held June 30 at the Caloocan City hall, city administrator Engr Oliver Hernandez and Planning and Development head Aurora Ciego gave the green light for Barangay 176 - Bagong Silang and Barangay 177- Cielito to participate in CMB. This would involve participatory planning and  budgeting, monitoring of procurement reports, geotagging and measuring the social impact of projects at the most fundamental local government unit.

Barangay 176 - Bagong Silang is the largest barangay in the Philippines in terms of population and land area, while Barangay 177 - Cielito is known for having the most active people’s organizations. 

CheckMyBarangay is the follow-up program to, undertaken by ANSA-EAP in 2014 also in the same barangays.

CMB facilitates constructive engagement between citizens on one hand and their barangay on the other through capacity building where participants are introduced to constructive engagement concepts and tools.

The Memorandum of Agreement between ANSA-EAP and the city government takes effect on July 14.