Apply for an Access to Information Working Group Microgrant!

Call for Proposals

The OGP Access to Information Working Group is pleased to announce its Access to Information Working Group Microgrant: Demonstrating ATI Linkages to OGP Progress Call for Applications. 


Access to information is a fundamental right and a critical element for participation, voice and accountability. Access to information can help governments to be more effective in service delivery and allows citizens to help set priorities and monitor government action. As part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), countries have developed national actions plans which include a series of commitments related to areas such as improved service delivery, fiscal transparency, asset disclosure, e-government, infrastructure, improved public service etc. In some cases, the country national action plans do not include Access to Information (ATI) commitments; in other instances ATI obligations that have been made are not effectively connected to other commitments.

Grant Details

The microgrants, in the amount of US$1,500 for research papers and US$3,000 for projects, are aimed at demonstrating the importance of access to information in order for countries to fulfill their national action plans. The objective of the microgrants is to provide support for research or programming that can demonstrate and/or advance the linkages between the right of access to information and any other commitment(s) made as part of the OGP national action plan. Successful proposal(s) will identify one or more commitments in their country’s national action plan and demonstrate – through research or programming – the value that a free flow of information can play in fulfilling the particular commitment(s).

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