Does education equal wealth?

Written by Haidy Ear-Dupuy

At an E-Camp: Social Accountability for Better Education Services held in the Philippines on 3-5 December, 2014, students from various countries in the Asia and Pacific region asked, “Is education still a way out of poverty?”
Participants from both government and civil society came together in the regional event-organized by the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific Foundation (ANSA-EAP), to learn more about how students, parents, teachers, and the ministries of education can work together to improve accountability in the education sector.
Unlike the usual presenters and audience style conference, this E-Camp was an “unconference,” where participants were both learners and sharers of knowledge.  Self-facilitated group discussions allowed learning and teaching to percolate among the participants.  Though there was observed discomfort among older attendees,  this participant-led approach generated insightful discussions and recommendations.

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