Call for Applications

ANSA-EAP is looking for a ICT Officer for its project. The (IBM) project is a participatory budgeting initiative involving the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). It focuses on constructive engagement and citizen monitoring of the discretionary funds of the local government budget by creating an online platform for community feedback and government response.

The ICT CONSULTANT is expected to perform the following tasks:

A. Provide working knowledge of the use of ICTs for the IBM Project Team;
B. Work closely with the IBM IT Liaison Officer in creating the website;
C. Coordinate with the IBM Team for ongoing feedback on the development of the website;
D. Supervise graphic design and web development to ensure compliance with the needs of the IBM project;
E. Continuous monitoring and update of the website;
F. Conduct training on user administration of the website; and
G. Perform other tasks/functions (that would be assigned/delegated by the IBM Project Manager and/or his delegated representative) related to the program’s overall goals, target results, and agreed work plans.

Read and download the full Terms of Reference (ToR) here