E-forum on "What, How, and Why to monitor and learn from social accountability projects?"

Dear social accountability community,


I am delighted to introduce the inaugural e-forum convened by the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) to take place between April 14th and April 30th.

We are bringing together social accountability change makers from across the globe to share their experiences and learn: how tracking our social accountability actions on the ground can help the GPSA community be more strategic, get better at what we do and course-correct when relevant. The e-forum will enable participants to ask questions, seek insights to face challenges, share insights about their work, and learn collectively how to improve social accountability practice through learning, monitoring, and evaluation.

Key issues for the first e-forum may include, but are not limited to:

How can we use learning, monitoring, and evaluation to ….?
• Make social accountability strategies politically savvier;
• Identify when and how approaches applied in other countries or sectors can be effectively adapted to our own context;
• Correct our planned course of action in real-time;
• Translate successes and failures for our project into learning opportunities for the social accountability field as a whole;
• Convey to others what we have learned and how we improved.

And, in turn, what do these objectives mean for how we develop our learning, monitoring, and evaluation approaches from the beginning?…

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