OGP Webinar: Getting Consultation and Action Plan Co-creation right

One of the aims of Open Government Partnership (OGP) is to strengthen the relationship between citizens, society and government. This is why OGP member countries commit to developing their country action plans through a multi-stakeholder process, with the active engagement of citizens and civil society.

Experience shows that an open, well-defined and executed co-creation process can bring solid cooperation and partnership based on dialogue and trust. It is no secret however that getting the consultation/co-creation right proved challenging for many of the member countries for a whole range of reasons, including a lack of clear guidelines on the roles of both government and civil society actors. The challenge for civil society and government together is to get the consultation and action plan co-creation right.

The moment to reflect on consultation and co-creation is now. More than 40 countries are about to develop their first or second OGP action plans in the next couple of months. This webinar will focus on getting the consultation process and the co-creation of action plans right.

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