5 tips on how to make progress on open government

By Zoe Smith on 31 October 2013

As governments, donors and civil society organisations meet on Friday at the Open Government Partnership summit in London, the agenda will inevitably be driven by the demand for increased accountability and transparency from all actors.

Yet while advocating for these principles is important, there is a more urgent need for greater understanding of the factors that enable the delivery of satisfactory results for the main stakeholders involved in these initiatives, according to Integrity Action, a U.K.-based network of international NGOs fighting corruption.

“It’s not good enough to produce data, to make it available, to have more open government and not to worry about who is going to use it, how is it going to benefit people, what its’ ultimate impact is and how people are benefitting from these greater degrees of openness,” Integrity Action’s CEO Fredrik Galtung said during a conference on Tuesday.

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