Open data platforms: a tool to revolutionise governance

In an article for, Newstime Africa on open data platforms, Mr. Jay Naidoo, founding General Secretary of Cosatu, former Minister in the Mandela Government and Chair of a GAIN a Global Foundation Fighting malnutrition in the World wrote

"New models are needed to increase sustainability. Open data is not just government data — it can come from many sources. Several host organisations have begun to set up their own data desks, to convert and re-organise hard copy data into digital, downloadable formats that can inform and deepen their reporting and analysis. Partnerships with media and info-mediaries can help make open data benefit citizens. Translating data into action requires many steps, with “info-mediaries” playing a key role – to analyse and turn data into visualisations and applications that citizens use and want. But making open data work depends on culture change. And this takes time and a lot of work.

What we need is the political will to co-create the tools with citizens and civil society, and to harness the expertise and technology of the marketplace to deliver the services to which our citizens have a right."
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