Naga council fortifying local democracy through People's Council

NAGA CITY, Mar. 21 (PIA) -- The Naga City People's Council (NCPC) is pushing for the program, "Expanding and Fortifying Local Democracy through People's Council in the Philippines," before the city officials of this city, members of various people's organization and other stakeholders recently in pursuit of empowering members of the community by encouraging their participation in various programs of the government.

NCPC program director Johann P. Dela Rosa said the project aims to rouse the spirit of cooperation among members of the community and encourage them to come up with a unified stand in pursuing development by starting it from the local level.

"We want to consolidate and mobilize civil society organizations (CSOs) in the target areas to engage their respective LGUs in all levels of governance though organizing, capacitating, strengthening, and establishing of people’s councils,” Dela Rosa added.

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