Reflecting on policy research for SAc: Crafting a regional research agenda

by Randee Cabaces

ANSA EAP's operations team (or secretariat) recently set for itself the task of influencing policy-making in the region towards the adoption of social accountability (SAc) as an approach to good governance. This is, of course, just one among several strategic objectives that the secretariat has identified for the next three years of the network's life (dubbed earlier as its "consolidation phase"). So, by 2016, the regional hub dreams of becoming a recognized “think tank” for SAc-related policy issues in this part of the globe.

Dream big or dream bigger, otherwise don’t dream at all, right?

Still intoxicated by the outputs from that strategic planning session, and titillated by this new role as the network’s research lead, I went through the process of creating a mind map for the research cluster’s strategy for 2013.

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