Corruption Campaign Will Require Clear Fees for Services

In an article, Voice of America Cambodia quotes ANSA-EAP's network fellow, San Chey advocating for the Cambodian government to make fees for Cambodian government services transparent. According to VOA

"San Chey, Cambodia representative for the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific, told "Hello VOA" on Monday that people are tired of paying bribes that are made easy because officials have no set prices for some services and no deadlines.

This allows them to extort more money from people who need something done quickly, or at all. The government has said it plans to make 2013 a year in which it tackles corruption—ahead of a elections to be held in July. San Chey called the campaign “a forward development.” However, he said, “it remains to be seen how effective it is.”

“People are not happy to pay bribes,” San Chey said. “But due to the absence of price tags and clear timelines for the delivery of services, they end up paying officials. If there are those things, officials have no more excuses to extort money.”"