Philippine Department of Education Welcomes Transparency in School Data

In a press release, the Department of Education (DepEd) of the Philippines, recognized the importance of its partnership with According to Secretary Luistro of the DepEd

We welcome this partnership with checkmyschool because it helps us address resource gaps and other school concerns from information identified and double-checked by stakeholders. This is transparency at work and it is the public school which gets the benefit when such valuable information are made available to education stakeholders,
The website enables the public to
"access a particular school's budget, enrollment data, number of teaching personnel, furniture, textbooks, classrooms, toilets, and information on test performance among others. The public may use the information to fill up resource gaps or provide inputs on how to better improve the delivery of education services."
Because of, "231 concerns have been reported and are being responded to by DepEd Central office and 130 in local DepEd offices. Meanwhile, 129 issues have been forwarded to the local school boards and 143 to other education stakeholders."