A Report Back to my Colleagues and Partners in ANSA EAP


Greetings from the just ended WB Annual Meetings for Fall 2011!

It is with gladness that I share with you some news and thoughts about some exciting things I have learned during the flurry of activities, conversations, advocacies and sharing in this gathering of CSOs for the WB annual meeting.

As you note ANSA EAP has not been investing much time and effort establishing presence in the many consultations and gathering of CSOs on the global level. This is due to our decision to focus our efforts especially during the start up phase of ANSA EAP - to the much needed work of consolidating the CSO networks towards a social accountability framing and perspective.

As I compose this letter, I look back to the time before ANSA EAP when the work of social accountability was seeded in the 2007 consultations held in Tagaytay, Philippines. In this event, Mary McNeil of the World Bank Institute in Washington DC and Andrew Parker of the WB Country Office in Manila, joined Phil CSO leaders in dialogue as they shared their analyses, programs, and initiatives in pushing a demand for good governance agenda and linking it to the concept of social accountability.

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