The Mongolia Social Accountability Scorecard


One of the major projects of the Partnership for Social Accountability Network (PfSAN), the Mongolia Conveners’ Group, is the development, testing, and implementation of a scorecard. The scorecard is a social accountability tool that the public can use to assess the delivery of public services. 

The PfSAN scorecard focuses on health insurance in Chingeltei district. It uses four main indicators to measure people’s satisfaction with government services: how citizens have utilized the services provided in the health insurance program; ease of using health insurance; adequacy of health services enjoyed; and the beneficiaries’ level of satisfaction.

According to Undral Gombodorj, ANSA-EAP Network Fellow for the Mongolia Conveners’ Group, PfSAN members have formed sub-committees that are working together to develop, test, and evaluate the scorecard. One group is in charge of data gathering through interviews and focus group discussions with residents of Chingeltei district and experts working in health insurance; another group is tasked to review and analyze pertinent laws and regulations on health insurance; a third group is in charge of coming up with a survey of residents on the level of satisfaction of health services they attain.

The PfSAN chose to pilot the scorecard in the Chingeltei district, according to Ms. Gombodorj, because one CG member works at the District Health Unit, and with his involvement, the PfSAN could request for information and contacts with relative ease.

The scorecard project is expected to be finished by the end of September 2011. This includes the validation—as well as translation to English—of findings from the scorecard project. The printing, dissemination of findings, and other advocacy-related activities are set for October. Significant findings and salient features of the scorecard project will be presented to stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor, and health insurance agencies of the city municipality and the Chingeltei district.    

Beyond the abovementioned scorecard, the PfSAN is currently working to create a social accountability website which will be accessible to the public; drafting the Mongolian version of SAc Training Manual with the ANSA-EAP regional secretariat; and carrying out the mentoring phase of the Social Accountability Learning-in-Action Program (SAcLAP) pilot projects in Mongolia.