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Statement from the TRUTH-TELLER
Ms. Heidi Mendoza
Club Filipino, San Juan
February 14, 2011 



I come here this morning, to give voice to the continuing work and struggle of many citizen groups and CSOs for good governance and specifically anti-corruption and social accountability. I stand among my friends, co-workers and co-advocates calling for more committed and active involvement of public servants and citizens to uphold that which is true and fair – just.

Sa aking mga kaibigan, kasama, katrabaho, kasangga, - 

I ask all of you to stand firm in our commitment to strengthen our ongoing crusade for accountable and transparent governance. I ask my fellow Filipinos, from all walks of life, from every organizational or institutional affiliation to step up our efforts in crafting practice of governance that is marked by integrity – transparency and accountability.  

  • create a government that is trustworthy, and institutionalize the needed instruments for combating graft and corruption. 
  • forge a system of accountability and  transparency at all times including: immediately and urgently enact the Freedom of Information Bill if we are to make government transactions transparent and accountable.  (In other words, we need to move our people close to government; we need to exact accountability from government)

Our people are getting more tired and exasperated with half-truths, evasions, lies and corruption. We deserve something better. We deserve a government that serves with righteousness and integrity. 

I also come here to share with you my boundless faith and hope in the Filipino. Yes, Hope -

The past few weeks have been intense to say the least, I am being humbled, uplifted, challenged, acclaimed, threatened and inspired all at the same time.  I want to believe we are in a vortex of forces and this brings hope!

After undergoing this ordeal, I have come to realize that each individual is a well-spring of hope—that hope is born in each and every act that upholds the truth.  

I have served in the Commission on Audit for more than twenty years and done much work with citizen groups and CSOs.  Throughout, I have tried to do my responsibility with rigor and competency for the simple reason that this is what our people deserve. I am a public servant; and the public deserves nothing less but the best from us. 

This responsibility is a mission – a crusade and it is not about me. It is not even about us - individually. Nor is this about one organization or group of organizations. It is about constructive engagement between government and its citizens, which is the essence of governance. It is about ensuring that the work that we do (whether in or out of government) are constructive, sustained and productive. 

We all know that this crusade will not be won in one day. We need to have more Filipinos on our side. Hence, I propose that we continue this national dialogue in combating corruption and building a far better future. Kailangan nating magkaisa at ipagpatuloy ang ating pag-uusap bilang isang bansa – isang bayan. 

But most of all, we need to be rooted in the fundamentals—faith in God and love for each other and our country. Or as Saint Paul