Loophole in Cambodian anti-graft law?

PHNOM PENH - In a report filed 13 December 2010, Reuters reporter Prak Chan Thul writes that “Cambodia has begun to enforce an anti-graft law…but some businessmen and analysts already spot loopholes that could undermine the legislation in one of Asia's most corrupt states.”

The news story cites San Chey, ANSA-EAP Network Fellow for Cambodia, who believes the law has a “big loophole” in not obliging wives and children of civil servants to declare any money they have in banks.

"When money in banks is not forced to be declared, big officials will just sell their assets and put their cash in banks," San Chey says, adding that he is “not confident in this body."

Read the full Reuters news report at http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSSGE6B806R20101213.