Network Assessment 2012


ANSA-EAP held its Network Assessment last January 12-14, 2012 at Crowne Plaza in Ortigas, Philippines.  The activity was designed to examine whether the goals established by the ANSA-EAP network have been achieved. The activity was also designed to draw lessons on mainstreaming social accountability in the region, maintaining relationships and synergy in the network, and improving administrative underpinnings that come with the maintenance and sustainability of the network.    

Participants in the Network Assessment include the Network Fellows, Thematic Fellows, representatives from the Procurement subnetwork, and representatives from Conveners Groups.

Salient points that were raised and discussed in the three-day activity include the importance of resource availability and sufficiency in accomplishing the goals of the network members; continuous sharing of documented best practices and work areas that can be improved; and the role of networking and partnership-building within the network and with other good governance actors.

A draft network model, drawn from the experiences of both the Conveners Groups and of the Regional operations team in the past four years, was presented for validation and consultation with participants.  The model provides insights on both hindering and facilitating factors that affect network performance and harmony among network members. 

The Network Assessment is part of the concluding activities of ANSA-EAP as it wraps up its first three-year phase of operations.

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