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Ms Undral Gombodorj, ANSA-EAP network fellow for Mongolia, has worked with non-government organizations for more than 15 years. She initiated and took part in the implementation of the NGO’s Support Center and the adoption of the “NGO Code of Conduct” for Mongolian NGOs. She is currently the director of the Democracy Education Center (DEMO), an NGO committed to inform and empower Mongolians on democratic processes by providing seminars and workshops on NGO management and civic education issues. Its projects include the “Civic Education Program in Mongolia” and the “Capacity Building of Mongolian NGOs”. 

Ms. Gombodorj is a member of the working group drafting the Non-Profit Law. She serves as chair of the Network of Mongolian Volunteer Organizations, as well as the National Coordinator for the Civil Society Council in Mongolia.

Ms. Gombodorj has done research on the NGO sector in Mongolia. She is the chief editor of the “Center for Pluralism,” an informational bulletin for NGOs; and “NGO Cafe”, an electronic monthly newsletter. She edited manuals for effective writing proposals for NGOs and a manual on student’s self-governance.

Her other publications include: Manuals for Trainers on “Basic and Advanced NGO Management Training”; “Student’s Council at Schools”; “Parent’s Council at Schools”; and “Breaking the Circle of Violence Down”; “Practical Guidebook for NGOs and Taxation Handbook”; “Handbook for School for Young Political Leaders”; and the “Guidebook on the Right to Know – Right to Direct Participation”. 

Ms. Gombodorj is involved in the publication of the Mongolian versions of the textbooks, “Democracy for All” and “We the People…Project Citizen”, which serve as guidebooks for teachers and students. 

Ms. Gombodorj has a master’s degree in economics from the Institute of Economics at Prague, Czech Republic.

Phone: (976-11) 310560

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