Responsible Mining Initiative for Sustainable Development (RMI)


Contact Person: Ms. Undram Chimed Executive Director of RMI 
Address: #104, Tavan bogd Plaza, Prime Minister Amar’s street -2, Sukhbaatar district, UlaanbaatarMongolia 
Telephone: 976-70111767

Responsible Mining Initiative for Sustainable Development (RMI)is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by representatives of government, civil society, industry, and academia, with the goal of advancing and developing a responsible mining sector in Mongolia. RMI was born out of the first Multi-Stakeholder Forum that discussed responsible mining in 2006, bringing together representatives from government, civil society, industry, and academia. These working groups developed a definition of responsible mining and eight guiding principles, which led to the development of a Declaration on Responsible Mining. This served as the basis for the establishment of the Responsible Mining Initiative. More than 60 organizations have signified their support of the Declaration on Responsible Mining, reinforcing the transformation of the RMI into an officially registered NGO in 2007. RMI has been implementing activities since April 2008.

To achieve its mission, the RMI works toward building a common framework of responsible mining in Mongolia among the public, government, industry, and investors; providing open and transparent information; and securing the equal participation of stakeholders in these activities. 

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