Center for Citizen’s Alliance (CCA)

Contact Person: Bayarmaa L., Researcher
Address: Bagatoiruu #44, Suite# 09, Ulaanbaatar-46A, Mongolia 
Telephone: 11-328823, 11-328798

Center for Citizen’s Alliance (CCA), formerly known as CEDAW Watch, is a non-government organization focusing on women’s rights. Its goal is to promote women empowerment as a tool to achieve a holistic understanding of Mongolia’s democratic development and human rights protection. Its strategies include extensive public engagement through dialogues and consultations with the end-goal of amending existing laws or improving government policies on women. There are also awareness campaigns and education programs on gender equality.

One of CCA’s missions is to monitor the performance and to promote the effective implementation by Mongolian government agencies (legislative, executive and judicial) of their obligations under the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women CEDAW. Through linkages with other NGOs, CCA advocates the use of social accountability tools to support democratic and social development in Mongolia.

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