Partnership for Social Accountability, Mongolia

The Partnership for Social Accountability Network (PfSAN) seeks to make substantial efforts to improve social accountability in Mongolia and to build the capacity of civil society organiztions (CSOs) for more efficient involvement in social accountability initiatives.  It involves more in-depth intgerventions in monitoring of governent performance, capacity building of citizens, public awareness raising, and partnership building with different government agenciesand units.  The measuring and scoring the public service delivery is a critical tool for civic engagement and social accountability that could be used more estensively in Mongolia.

The PfSAN was established in December 2009 with 9 members.  As of June 2012, the network has 23 members, 21 of which are civil society organizations (CSOs),  local government Organizations (LGOs) and one international  organization (IO).  PfSAN members are engaged in budget monitoring and analysis, procurement monitoring, scoring public service quality and delivery, ncommunity based activities, coalition building for good governance, and advocacy of policy related issues.  The Democracy Education Center (DEMO) is serving as coordinating organization to help steer the mainstreaming efforts of PfSAN.

Citizen monitors/oversight - accountable governance

PfSAN is a network of practitioners that is committed to mainstream the SAc in governance of Mongolia by institutionalizing the mechanism of monitoring and scoring of public services based on citizens' capacity building and engagement.

1.  Scoring mechanism on SAc developed and implemented
2. SAc network expanded and capacitated at the national level


Check My University project

  • 30 university students trained in using the Community Scorecard (CSC) tool;
  • The accesibility and delivery of sevices of three universities in Ulaanbaatar assessed through CSC by trained student groups;
  • Evidence of service performance generated (i.e. completed input tracking matrix, completed CSC charts, students' proposals for reform and improvement, completed provider's serlf-evaluation charts, provider proposals for reform/improvement;
  • 3 CSOs from PfSAN enhanced their skills in mentoring of student groups
  • Around 5,000 students in 3 universities informed and empowered as service users
  • A training program manual on CSC prepared and used by trainers and facilitators


  • 6 government champions on SAc at national and local level
  • Social accountability website created and operated by DEMO
  • SAc training manual drafted
  • "Social accountability knowledge market" event organized with the aim to share and disseminate the gained skills and experience to public, CSOs, government and other stakeholders
  • 20 minute documentary on the result of 13 pilot projects
  • 3 short videos on SAc concept produced and disseminated through the media channels
  • Compiled and published a brochure on 13 project's executive summaries and project cases
  • Spin offed the procurement sub-network and its registration as a legal entity


  • PfSAN in close collaboration with ANSA-EAP implemented the Social Accountability Learning in Action Program (SAcLAP) in Mongolia (funded by WB Mongolia)
  • 12 trainers prepared to deliver the training on SAc concept and tools
  • Conducted a 5-day training for 42 government and civil society representatives in UB
  • Conducted a 3-day SAc training for 24 NGOs in UB
  • 13 projects on SAc piloted in different sectors (education, health, infrastructure, mining and governance)
  • Piloted a scorecard project on quality abnd accessibility of health insureance services

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