Kalinga Apayao Religious Sector Association (KARSA)

Kalinga Apayao Religious Sector Association (KARSA) is an ecumenical group of religious organizations and individuals in the provinces of Kalinga and Apayao. Part of its advocacy in promoting the rights and concerns of the indigenous peoples is its active engagement in peace promotion, environmental protection, human rights protection and good governance. This is done through participatory project monitoring and audit of infrastructure and public works.

It was responsible for exposing graft and corruption in a large government infrastructure project, which led to the dismissal of the Provincial Director of the Department of Public Works and Highways. Because the Kalinga and Apayao provinces are also a rich source of raw materials, KARSA vigorously supports anti-mining advocacies to preserve ancestral domains. It was instrumental in blocking the entry of Copperfield Mining Corporation in Apayao. As part of its human rights protection work, it also works to make people aware of the incidence of extra judicial killings and harassment of activists.

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