Java Indonesia Network Fellow


Danardono Siradjudin

Address: Jl. H. Iming no. 2, RT. 02/RW. 04, Beji, Depok
Phone: 021.3190.8628 ; 08111.870.300

Mr. Siradjudin started as a reporter for the Tabloid Simponi in 1998 and since then, he built his career in media-related advocacies and projects. He became the Media Relations coordinator of the Commission of Voter’s Education for Democracy (Committed) that ran the voter’s education program of the general election of 1999. In 2001-2002, he joined the Alliance on Independent Journalists (AJI) where he maintained the database of AJI's member from all over Indonesia. He was a member of the AJI’s research team for journalist cases who disseminated their research output as annual reports in Indonesia.

In 2002-2005, Mr. Siradjudin decided to work for the non-government organization Pusat Telaah dan Informasi (PATTIRO) and Center for Regional Information and Studies. As coordinator of its Advocacy Division, he formulated the tools, reports and evaluation and monitoring methods for PATTIRO's programs. He served as field coordinator for the international projects on the Gender Budget Advocacy Program, funded by the Asia Foundation and the Empowering Women Voter Program on the 2004 general election by the UNDP. He was PATTIRO’s Program Manager for the AusAid-funded project on the Complaint Mechanism Study on Public Service where he developed the research design.
Mr. Siradjudin is currently the Training Division Manager of the Indonesian Parliamentary Center (IPC) where he does the training and module development.  IPC is a member of the Freedom Information Network where they helped formulate the draft of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) and organized the public information demand at the grassroot level of 10 provinces in Indonesia.

Mr. Siradjudin is involved in communications research on informal education and media content analysis. Some of his experiences in facilitation include the Youth Parliament Training for West Java and East Java Region (2009), the Youth Parliament Training for Political Parties Cadre (2010) and the Public Bodies Training for Implementation of the Law No. 14 on Public Information Disclosure (2010).

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