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Contact Person: Heni Yulianto
Address: Jalan Senayan Bawah No.17, Jakarta 12180, Indonesia
Tel : +62-21-720 8515,
+62-21-723 6004,
+62-21-726 7807, 27
Fax : +62-21-726 7815

Corruption causes negative impacts on society due to the price becomes more expensive, causing disturbed priorities, and allocating resources that are not appropriate. Corruption also damages the economic and social development. Corruption is the opposite of honesty and justice, which is the core values that support a society.

Indonesia is one of the most corrupt country in the world. To revitalize its economy and eliminating poverty, Indonesia needs a national strategy to eliminate corruption. To develop a national strategy, all elements of society must get involved. Then, the political elites should have the political will to implement them. Only in this way Indonesia can get out of this economic crisis and provide prosperity to all citizens.

Transparency International (TI) is a community organization that focuses on fighting corruption to include the entire society into a strong international coalition in order to eradicate the ill effects of corruption that affected the men, women and children around the world. The primary mission of TI is to create an environment that is clean from corruption.

Transparency International based in Berlin, Germany and has branches in 99 countries.

TI-Indonesia is based in Jakarta and has regional offices throughout Indonesia. It has affiliation with Transparency International, based in Berlin, Germany, but have autonomous status. It follows code of ethics based on Transparency International's Code of Conduct.

TI-Indonesia, as part of global efforts to eliminate corruption, has the objective to encourage transparency and accountability in governance and business activities in Indonesia.

Its is on renewal of the system, not on the disclosure of corruption cases individually.

TI-Indonesia is a club-shaped association was established in accordance with applicable law in Indonesia. It remains as an independent non-governmental organizations, nonprofit, has a non-violent values and non-partisan

Among the strategic priorities and activities of TI are: (1) Promoting transparency and accountability (accountability), the management of public funds are quoted from the community such as taxes, social security funds, such as security, religious funds such as the ONH and charity, and state revenues from the management and exploitation of resources nature, (2) promote the integrity of (the dignity) of a democratic political system, implemented through various activities such as financial activities of political party system, and the pattern of decision making in the Parliament, (3) promote integrity in the various government agencies especially in the experience goods and services, (4) increase public awareness about the negative consequences of corruption through a campaign conducted in ways that popular and active communication at the grass-roots layer, and (5) promoting good corporate governance.

Among the programs of TI are: (a) Accounting Standards Studies Special Political Parties in Indonesia, (2) Monitoring the Integrity Institute of parliament, (3) Transparency and Accountability Management of Land and Building Tax, (4) Integrity Pact in the Procurement of Goods and Services, (5) Issuance of Various Kinds of Anti-Corruption Books, and (6) Corruption Perception Index 2008.

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