Sains Estetika dan Teknologi (SET)


Contact Person: Garin Nugroho – Director and Agus Sudibyo – Deputy Director
Address: Jl. Danau Jempang BIII No. 81 Benhil Jakarta Pusat 10210
Telephone: 6221-5738679 ; Fax. 6221-57974104

Established in 1987, Sains Estetika dan Teknologi (SET) was initially a group of audiovisual creators who aimed to develop freedom of expression by creating films and documentaries that reflected the culture of democracy and portrayed Indonesia’s cultural challenges and values using innovative filmmaking approaches. SET became a recognized foundation in 1999. It took on the role of executive producer in time for the 1999 general elections.

Recognizing the power of media to reach out to numerous audiences, SET uses media to raise public awareness on important issues such as the Openness Public Information Act or the UU Keterbukaan Informasi Publik. These campaigns called for the promotion of press freedom and transparency and development of broadcasting democracy. SET also advocated for a multicultural audiovisual education taking in different perspectives of religion, ethnicities, customs, race and culture.

Activities and programs of SET are supported by USAID, Hivos and Tifa Foundation.


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