PATTIRO (Pusat Telaah & Informasi Regional)


Address: Jl. Intan No. 81. Cilandak Barat. Jakarta Selatan, 12430 Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 7591 5498, +62 21 7591 5546
Fax: +62 21 751 2503
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PATTIRO established on April 17, 1999 aims for social justice and fulfillment of citizens’ basic rights by promoting good governance and public participation in Indonesia, particularly at the local level. Their attention is focused at public service improvement, planning and budgeting system development, and capacity improvement of relevant stakeholders (governance apparatus, legislative members and press, and citizen). To achieve these goals, PATTIRO works with NGOs, donor organizations, government institutions, legislatives and private sectors who share the common goals by providing services on research, training, assistance and model development.

The underlying principles behind their strategies are those of social transformation, accountability, transparency, democratization and equality. PATTIRO is experienced since 1999 of implementing programs in 9 provinces (Banten, DKI, West Java, Central Java, DIY, East Java, South Sulawesi, South Sumatera, and NTB) and 19 districts (Serang, Tangerang, Lebak, Bandung, Garut, Semarang, Pekalongan, Magelang, Solo, Kendal, Blora, Bojonegoro, Jogja, Surabaya, Malang, Gresik, Jeneponto, Pare-Pare, Bone, and Palembang) in Indonesia. These programs carry various themes, such as: improvement of access to public services (education and health) for the poor, gender budgeting, community participation strengthening, strengthening of information transparency, voter education, mid-term development planning and transparency mechanism of oil revenues.

Applying these principles and values in their model development service, PATTIRO develops public complaint management model based on research results on public service. The model is accommodated by the local government into an applicable complaint mechanism. Another example is that PATTIRO develops oil and gas revenue transparency model –a system that makes oil and gas revenue transparent- with local government. They organization also carries out publication and campaign as part of knowledge dissemination, a form of accountability of PATTIRO’s implemented programs, and citizen education on specific themes. Moreover, they developed innovations and tools that evaluate institutional performance and monitor project implementation. Examples of these are the Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) Citizen Report Card, User Based Survey and Budget Analysis Tools.

Throughout the eleven years of working for Indonesia, the network has cooperated with various local and international agencies and organizations. Some of which are the Ford Foundation, Transparency and Accountability Project, UNFPA, European Commission, Brooking Institute, and Partnership for Local Governance among others. The network has also spread to various places in Indonesia. This network is referred as the PATTIRO RAYA. PATTIRO RAYA is a network of PATTIRO’s local organizations. It includes PATTIRO’s local organizations in Serang, Bandung, Pekalongan, Banten, Tangerang, Solo, Semarang, Jeneponto, Magelang, Gresik, Kendal, and West Java. PATTIRO also intensively develops network with local partners, as in Blora, Bojonegoro, Pare-pare, Bone, and Garut. As time passes, these local organizations develop and become independent entity that is able to work independently for advancement and development of Indonesia.

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