LAKPESDAM NU JATIM (Institute for Study and Human Resource Development of NU East Java)


Contact Person: Prof. Kacung Marijan, M.A., Ph. D
Address: Lakpesdam NU Jawa Timur JI. Masjid Al-Akbar Timur No 09 Surabaya 60235
Telephone / Fax: (+6231) 8274891

LAKPESDAM NU JATIM (Institute for Study and Human Resource Development of NU East Java) is a non-profit organization that focuses on study, research, education, training and public service. It was established in 1984 and legally registered in 1998. It has 25 branches around East Java and all its programs are carried out at the local level. The organization is given support by United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The Asia Foundation (TAF), and International Republican Institute (USAID-IRI). Lakpesdam NU Jatim consists of five divisions namely: Human Resource Development, Research and Community Development, Networking and Cooperation, Advocacy and Human Right, and Social and Religious Study. Its social accountability initiatives include the following:

  • Programs dealing with social engagement in controlling government policies in 2009 including research dealing with Indonesian Democracy Index (IDI), cooperating with JPPR, Bappenas, and UNDP. The operational activities included a media review, focus group discussions, and in-depth interview from January to May 2008;
  • Monitoring the 2009 Local Election in East Java, working with JPPR and in cooperation with The Asia Foundation;
  • A Political Party and Constituent Outreach Program with funding from the USAID IRI. This involved conducting an assessment of political party programs at the local level and dealing with political issues preceding the 2009 General Election;
  • Advocating Pro-Poor Budgeting and Sensitive Gender through Social Religious Organizations, carried out in cooperation with The Asia Foundation. Programs that have been carried out are Halaqoh and Bahtsul Masail on Poverty and Budgeting, Public Hearing, Budgeting course and Research on Local Budget Index;
  • Initiation of Local Regulation on Accountability and Public Transparency;
  • Advocacies for the monitoring of local budgeting, especially those dealing with education, health, and poverty projects;

A writing skills course for teachers throughout the Bondowoso district in cooperation with the Provincial Government, Badan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Provinsi Jawa Timur. It is proposing an entrepreneurship program for young santris (students of Islamic boarding schools) to provide them with the skills in building the future of the nation, This program will be in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Indonesia.

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