Bandung Trust Advisory Group (B_Trust)


Address: JI Citamiang No. 61 Bandung 40121
Telephone: +62 2 7212121 ; Fax: +62 22 7275270

Bandung Trust Advisory Group (B_Trust) was established in 2001 to serve as an advisory non-government organization that provides experts, ideas, information, research and advocacy to assist civil society organizations, local governments and political parties in Indonesia in developing and enhancing programs and policies that will strengthen equality and justice.

B_Trust seeks to create trust between and among diverse groups of community as a prerequisite to achieving genuine reform. B_Trust seeks to achieve this by promoting responsive and innovative leaders that will work toward addressing poverty-related issues and preventing corruption. To inculcate trust, the organization conducts training for Community Association to develop their advocacy agenda and policy dialogue. It also conducts organized public consultations in arranging the work plan and the budget process of local governments.

B_Trust analyzes the current situation, conducts campaigns for change, strengthens leadership and takes practical actions toward trust-based democratic governance at the local level. B_Trust provides competent facilitators and organizers to conduct participatory forums and provide methodological and technical choices to foster effective participation in the provision of public services.

Through CIDA, Ford Foundation and the Asia Foundation, it conducts several monitoring and evaluation programs on governance, public services and civil society strengthening. One example is the strengthening of the Islamic Civil Society in order to increase its involvement in the planning and budgeting process in Kabupaten Sumedang. B Trust also regularly conducts and encourages Regulatory Impact Assessment.

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